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Welcome to 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, San Francisco. 10th Planet begins with Eddie Bravo. Building on the momentum of his upset victory over Royler Gracie at the 2003 ADCC World Championship, Bravo departed from years of traditional jiu jitsu and began cultivating what would become a comprehensive grappling system designed to work without the gi. Within a few years, the 10th Planet system has gone from obscurity to mainstream.

The 10th Planet philosophy embraces change as the solution to the continuous evolution of fighting. While it has a distinct body of techniques, practitioners look to the cutting-edge of the sport, applying what works, and incorporating new ideas into the game. The result is a system that gives a nod to tradition, but includes elements as diverse as wrestling and mixed martial arts.

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, San Francisco offers expert instruction, six days a week, in the Mission District of San Francisco with the system’s first Black Belt, Denny Prokopos. The best place for Jiu Jitsu San Francisco.